Is Jurassic World 3 the last film of Jurassic World franchise? All you need to know.

Jurassic World 3 has forced us to wait too long for a trailer, but we’ve finally got our first perfect look at this summer’s epic blockbuster.

Finally in February 2022 Universal released the first trailer, showing all our Jurassic Park heroes in action again, as well as a huge action teaser in store in this new world of human and dinosaur co-existence.

Jurassic World Dominion – Official Trailer

Returning writer/director Colin Trevorrow revealed in November 2021 that the Tricowell was completed before its release in June 2022, so it is hoped that there will be no unexpected last-minute delays. Officially known as Jurassic World: Dominion.

We’ve already begun to get some new looks in the trailer, as well as the movie, which shows that Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire has problems, Chris Pratt’s Owen is chased by a dangerous new raptor and the debut of the mysterious character of Dwanda Wise.

Fans have plenty to get excited about, so without further delay, here’s what you need to know about Jurassic World 3.

When will Jurassic World 3 out in cinemas?

Jurassic World Dominion only in Theaters June 10, 2022.

When in early 2018 Jurassic World: Dominion was first announced, the release date for the third film of Jurassic World trilogy was June 11, 2021, which would have been 28 years since Steven Spielberg’s 1993 release of Jurassic Park. Jurassic World 3 was postponed for almost a year due to the Covid-19 epidemic and will now be released in theaters on June 10, 2022.

Cast & Crew of Jurassic World: Dominion

  • Dichen Lachman
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing
  • Chris Pratt as Owen Grady
  • Sam Neill as Alan Grant
  • Daniella Pineda as Zia Rodriguez
  • Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm
  • Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler
  • Justice Smith as Franklin Webb
  • Campbell Scott as Lewis Dodgson
  • BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu
  • Omar Sy as Barry Sembène
  • Mamoudou Athie
  • Kristoffer Polaha as Wyatt Huntley
  • Scott Haze
  • DeWanda Wise as Kayla Watts
  • Isabella Sermon as Maisie Lockwood
  • Mo Brings Plenty as Shep Wauneka
  • Freya Parker as Denise Roberts
  • Elva Trill as Charlotte Lockwood
  • Glynis Davies as Carolyn O’Hara
  • Fileena Bahris as Tourist
  • Cokey Falkow as Hunter
  • Varada Sethu as Shira
  • Bernardo Santos as Biosyn Scientist
  • Bastian Antonio Fuentes as Ramon
  • Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios
  • Enzo Squillino Jr. as Wigi
  • Liam Edwards as Scientist
  • Lillia Langley as Drive in Movie Theatre Kid
  • Metin Hassan as Maltese Gangster
  • Ross Donnelly as Washington Pedestrian
  • Manuela Mora as Alicia
  • Joel Elferink as Jeffrey
  • Teresa Cendon-Garcia as Farmer
  • Adam Kiani as Security Guard
  • Milo McDowell as Tourist
  • Luigi Boccanfuso as Chef

Plot of Jurassic World 3: Dominion

Following the events of the Dominion Fallen Kingdom, dinosaurs are now loose on the mainland. Trevorrow explains that Darn, Neil, and Goldblum, like Pratt and Howard, are a big part of the movie, and in an interview with Collider, reveals that the story follows two parallel tracks that are set to intersect:

“You’re telling two parallel stories that are just driving closer and closer together, and you understand that, and you start to understand how they’re going to intersect, and then they do. But that’s not a traditional way to structure a movie. And so, the way that we have been building it and moving things around and trying to figure out, it’s just much less of a gimme, I think, than that it would be if you were following that traditional screenplay structure, where everybody knows what happens on page twelve.”

But Trevorow also teased a world-class adventurer, noting that the film was a “spy thriller adventure” in which “a little Bourne and Bond” were cast. Although he has not yet released all the locations of the film, he has confirmed that shooting locations in the UK, British Columbia and Malta are the initial settings for the film.

New Dinosaurs in Dominion

Dinosaurs that have been confirmed to appear in Jurassic World Dominion include:

  • Allosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Atrociraptor
  • Compsognathus
  • Dreadnoughtus
  • Gallimimus
  • Gigantosaurus
  • Iguanodon
  • Lystrosaurus
  • Moros
  • Mosasurus
  • Nasutoceratops
  • Oviraptor
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Velociraptor

Will Jurassic World 3 have Hybrids?

Although Indominus Rex was a hybrid dinosaur introduced in Jurassic World and an endorsement for the Fallen Kingdom, Trevorrow said in 2018 that Jurassic World: Dominion would not launch any new hybrids, adding that he was “looking forward to a little return with paleontological, wildlife, in its true dinosaur nature” in an Interview with Total Film.

Is Jurassic World 3 filming finished?

Yes, Jurassic World 3 has finished filming. The sequel was one of the first major productions to resume filming during the COVID-19 epidemic, since major photography began in February 2020 but has since ceased to exist. It resumed in July 2020 under strict security protocols, as the cast and crew were separated into a full hotel in England.In fact, the experience of living in this bubble during filming was directly inspired by a new comedy film produced by Jude Apato.

Will it be the last film in the franchise?

Jurassic World: Dominion certainly has a sense of finality, as Trevorrow previously told EW that the movie serves as the finale for six films:

“To me, [Dominion] is a culmination of one story that’s been told. When you got to the end of the Jurassic Park trilogy, it may not have been as clear in what the complete story of those three movies was because they were a bit more episodic in the way that they were approached. But this trilogy is not that way. It’s very much a serialized story. What was important for me was, when you watch Dominion, you really feel like you are learning how much of a story that first set of movies was and how everything that happened in those movies actually informs what ultimately is able to happen in this. If kids who are born today are going to be presented with six Jurassic Park movies — you hope the parents will buy them the box set — you hope they are going to get to feel like they watch one long story.”

Director of Jurassic World 3
Director Colin Trevorrow

However, producer Frank Marshall had earlier confirmed to Collider that far from the end of the Jurassic World: Dominion franchise, a flat-out would say “no” when asked if it was the end of the road, adding that it could be expected to usher in a new era.”

So while Jurassic World: Dominion may be the end of something very good, hopefully more Jurassic World movies will follow – perhaps with different casts.

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