Full form of nvm – What is the meaning of nvm in chat?

You may have seen the word “nvm” many times on social media and have wondered what does it mean. It’s used while chatting, uploading and commenting. Let’s see the full form of nvm and how it is used.

Full Form of nvm

NVM- Nevermind

Nvm full form

Full form of nvm is “nevermind”.

Meaning of nvm

NVM means “nevermind“. We use it mostly in response to sorry. According to Cambridge dictionary, we use nvm to tell someone not to worry about something because it is not important. And don’t think so much.

How to use nvm acronyms

You can use nvm while chatting, commenting and posting. Or you can use it in a sentence as followed:

Winnie: I am sorry I had to leave the party early.

George:Nevermind, there were still so many people so I didn’t get bore.


If you still don’t understand the meaning of nvm how to use it then write down in comment section. I’ll try to explain you again. If there’s some other acronym across social media that you don’t know and can’t find it’s meaning, then ask me below in comments and I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible.

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