Idk full form – What is the full form of idk in chat?

You might have seen the aronym “idk” many times on social media and have wondered what does it mean. It’s used in chats, comments, posts, replies etc. Let’s see the full form of idk and how it is used.

Full Form of idk

Idk – I don’t know

Idk full form - I don't know


Full form of idk is “I don’t know“.

Meaning of idk and where to use

Meaning of idk is simple, just the “I don’t know“. You use idk same place as you use “I don’t know“. You say “idk” when you don’t know something. When someone asks you about something and you don’t know about it, you say “idk”.

How to use “idk” acronym

You can use idk acronym in chat just by writing “idk”. As mentioned in above paragraph, when you don’t know about something, you reply “idk” or “I don’t know”. See the following examples –

Will: Why isn’t she attending lectures from two weeks.

Joe: Idk. Maybe you should ask her.


If you still don’t understand how to use it then write down in comment section. I’ll try to explain you again. If there’s some other acronym accross social media that you don’t know and can’t find it’s meaning, then ask me below in comments and I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible.

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