NOC Full Form in memes – What is the meaning of NOC?

You might have seen the caption “NOC” many times on social media and have wondered what does it mean. It’s used as caption in not just memes but many places. But mostly it is used with memes. Let’s see the full form of noc and how it is used.

NOC Full Form in memes

NOC – Not Original Content

Noc full form - noc meaning in meme

Full form of NOC is “Not Original Content”.

Meaning of NOC in memes and where to use

Noc meaning in memes is “not original content.” When someone uploads something and it’s not his/her own creation, then he might mention that the meme (or something else) that he’s posting is not his original content. The credit goes to someone else who has made it. The person who’s uploading it, might mention the person to give him credit.

How to use NOC acronym

You can use NOC without writing anything else in the caption, or with the credit to the person who created that content. Or you can use it in a sentence as followed:

Mike: I think I’ve seen this somewhere.

George: You might have seen it. It’s a Noc.


If you still don’t understand how to use it then write down in comment section. I’ll try to explain you again. If there’s some other acronym accross social media that you don’t know and can’t find it’s meaning, then ask me below in comments and I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible.

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